Environmental Degradation Creates Opportunity for Future Pandemics

As we infringe on our natural habitats, zoonotic diseases, or those that spread from other animals to humans, may become more common in our society. Here, we explore how common wildlife consumption is in China, rules and regulations, and why the outbreak probably didn’t start by someone eating bat wing soup.  

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Fear The Fin?

This year, it may seem shark attacks are on the rise. Mass media coverage of recent attacks, such as those in North Carolina and Florida, support this idea. The reality of injuries and fatalities due to shark attacks is much different. An individual’s risk of being attacked by a shark has decreased by 91% in the past 63 years.

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Environmental Wins in 2018

It’s easy to focus on bad news concerning the environment. More coverage of climate change, reusables, and pollution have created heightened concern worldwide. The IPCC’s Climate Report warned of grave and possibly unavoidable consequences. Fortunately, governments and organizations across the planet have proved that change is possible. Here’s some of what they accomplished in 2018: ‘Single-use’ […]

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Analyzing My Trash

Throughout the month of September, I attempted to create as little waste as possible. To read about my plan, check out this article:  I Try: Zero Waste Continue on to see both the benefits and shortfalls that having an environmentally-minded brain gave me in this challenge. What did my trash look like? Solid, dry, and […]

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