Environmental Racism

The pattern is increasingly familiar. Black, Indigenous, and Latinx groups are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, police brutality and chronic illness. These groups are also more likely to live near polluting infrastructure or in areas affected to a greater extent by climate change and are less likely to be awarded resources to solve these issues.

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Environmental Degradation Creates Opportunity for Future Pandemics

As we infringe on our natural habitats, zoonotic diseases, or those that spread from other animals to humans, may become more common in our society. Here, we explore how common wildlife consumption is in China, rules and regulations, and why the outbreak probably didn’t start by someone eating bat wing soup.  

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Analyzing My Trash

Throughout the month of September, I attempted to create as little waste as possible. To read about my plan, check out this article:  I Try: Zero Waste Continue on to see both the benefits and shortfalls that having an environmentally-minded brain gave me in this challenge. What did my trash look like? Solid, dry, and […]

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Food Waste

As I am working my way through September and attempting to produce as little waste as possible (see here for more info), I continued to think about the fact that food can take decades to break down in capped landfills. Around 40% of food in America is wasted. Yet, according to the NRDC, around 1 […]

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